Neighborhood Watch


Chairperson: Shari Moy

Co-Chairperson: John Donnelly

To receive and/or report Neighborhood Watch Alerts, contact us via e-mail at:

The Harmony NWC has kept an ongoing relationship with residents in Apex and neighboring areas in Cary, for information sharing. Ex. Criminal Incidents / Suspicious Person(s). Harmony NWC does NOT share Confidential Information regarding HOA Rules etc. The are referred to the Board for approval.

Key Neighborhood Watch Updates:

  1. No Door to Door Soliciting Allowed from 9 AM to 6 PM. They must have A Town Photo I D Permit Displayed. Exceptions are kids selling, Political or Religious Inquiries. DO NOT Open your Door.  Talk through your window.  
  2. No Unreasonable Noise after 9 PM.  
  3. No Parking within 15 Feet of a Fire Hydrant.
  4. No Parking within 25 Feet of a street corner.
  5. Lock your Home and Car Doors. Do Not have anything of value , visible in your car.   
  6. Keep your Garage Doors fully Closed.
  7. Call 911 or Cary Police 919-469-4012 for Suspicious Person(s) or Activity. Most Home Break- Ins occur during the day.  Most car Break-Ins usually occur at night.   
  8. Please watch your driving Speed and keep it 30 MPH or under.  
  9. Schools Bus Safety and when to Stop: See Click on Law and Enforcement for diagram of Bus /Traffic Lanes. Most Schools are Back in session , so be careful of Children Crossing etc.  
  10. Phone "IRS " Scam. Person or automated phone call made ,stating it's the IRS and you will be sued or arrested. Don't answer it and/or hang up. IRS sends notifications via U.S. Mail to your residence.

You can  Make a Complaint to the I.R.S. Treasury Inspector General at 1-800-366-4484 OR at, OR call IRS main Phone # at 1-800-829-1040, And/OR call the NC Attorney General Consumer Protection Unit at 1- 877-566-7226.