Clubhouse FAQs

FAQs About the Clubhouse:

•             Smoking and/or Vaping Are NOT Permitted in or outside the premises.

•             Where can I find the clubhouse rental agreement?

Be sure to read, understand, and adhere to all HARMONY Clubhouse Rental Rules

which are included with the CLUBHOUSE RENTAL AGREEMENT and a RENTER CHECKLIST that are available on the Documents section inside TownSq.

•             How do I find-out if the Clubhouse is available on my preferred date(s)?

Look at the Harmony Calendar page first on TownSq (the "Reservations" link on the left-hand menu on TownSq, then "Amenities"). After checking the online community calendar for availability, you may contact our Property Management company (see details above) to confirm. However, the property manager cannot record your reservation on the calendar until they receive the check and completed paperwork associated with the request.

•             How can I reserve the Clubhouse?

To reserve the Clubhouse in Harmony, please send the completed Clubhouse Rental Agreement along with the fees listed to the property management company (contact details above). The completed forms and fees must be received by property management company before the date can be reserved.  

As soon as your paperwork and check are received, property management company will send a confirmation message to the email address indicated on the form to acknowledge receipt and provide you with an update on instructions for your event.

•             Can we look at the clubhouse before rental? 

Unfortunately, no, because there is no one onsite to show you around.  

•             What is the cost to rent out the clubhouse house?

All fees are listed in the Clubhouse Rental Agreement. The rental fee is non-refundable unless your event is canceled.  To receive a full refund of the rental fee, you must contact the property management company to request a reservation cancelation at least five business days prior to your reservation event date.

Homeowners may rent our Clubhouse for private parties and celebrations. The Clubhouse rental fee may be waived by the Board upon request in certain instances, so long as the following conditions are met:  

  • the event is non-commercial in nature;  
  • the event is open to any and all Harmony residents that wish to attend/participate;
  • the event is presented to the Board with advanced notice, thus allowing for adequate time to send out an open invitation/announcement to the entire community; and
  • the homeowner(s) hosting the event retain responsibility for clean-up afterwards as well as reporting any property damage to the management firm.  

Note: Announcements of approved events should be made on the website and local Google group.  Attendance by non-residents is strongly discouraged for these types of events.   Examples of events that would likely be approved include:  Super Bowl parties, coffee/cookie socials, Holiday parties, educational activities, arts and crafts, Card/game night, etc. Again, the event host cannot charge admission and no profit or money-exchange of any kind should take place at any time with such an event.

Please contact  property management company if you are interested or have further inquiries regarding the possibility of having the rental fee waived for your next event.  

  • What hours can I rent the clubhouse and what is the maximum occupancy?

All clubhouse rentals are limited to the hours of 10:00 A.M. to 11 P.M.

Maximum attendance of 80 people.  

  • Where do I mail the rental agreement and rental fee?

You can mail the completed and signed rental agreement along with the rental fee to property  management company (details above).

  • Can I enter the clubhouse the day/evening before to decorate for my event? 

No, your rental fee only covers the cost for the day of your rental.

  • Can I enter the Clubhouse the morning/day after to clean-up?

No, your rental fee only covers the cost for the day of your rental. Clean-up must occur immediately after the event is over.  We encourage the use of Clubhouse trash bins, but they belong in their designated area. ALL trash must be in trash bags!  Any trash bags that do not fit MUST be disposed of at your home, otherwise you will be fined.  

  • How do I gain access to the clubhouse the day of my rental?

Your key fob allows access the day of your rental starting at 10 A.M. until 11 P.M.