Playground Build Day

Harmony New Playground Is Now Open!

The Board of the Harmony HOA recently approved the purchase of new playground.

The primary reasons for replacement:

Non-compliance with ASTM 1487 "Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use" and to minimize significant on-going maintenance and repair costs to the community.

Playground Closure

In order to prepare for and build the new playground, we will be closing the entire playground area from Wednesday October 30th through and including Saturday Thursday November 23rd, 2019. The gate will be locked.  In the event there are any delays, we may need to extend the closure period accordingly.

In addition, during the above-mentioned days, please refrain from using parking spots (this does NOT include handicap spots) near the walkway leading down to the playground, because delivery trucks, equipment, and material will periodically occupy those areas and require access.

Playground Build Day Volunteers

We will use a "Community Build" model to install the unit. Community Builds are a great way for participants to work collaboratively to complete a needed community project. Participants often report a sense of fulfilling a mission and improved relationships with their teammates after participating in community build projects.

Please note that we do have two professionally contracted and certified installers committed for the entire Build Day. Breakfast and lunch will be provided for the Build Team Volunteers.

Our Build Day concluded on Monday November 11, 2019.

Mulch Spread Day will take place on Saturday November 23 from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

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When is will the new playground arrive?

Delivery is scheduled for 10/30 or 10/31. It will be unloaded and taken to the grassy area (inside the secure pool area) adjacent to the existing playground, where it will be stored until build day.

When will the old playground be closed down?

The playground is expected to be closed 10/30 or 10/31 as soon as the new playground is delivered.   The old playground equipment will be disassembled and completely removed from the site starting on 11/1 and completed no later than 11/3.

When will the new playground be open for play?

We anticipated it should be completed by November 23, 2019 once the playground has been build, concrete has cured, and safety surfacing mulch installed.

Are you sure volunteers are qualified to build this new playground?

YES! Community Builds are done every day across the United States by community groups. It's important that the people who are leading the equipment build are CPSI certified (Certified Playground Safety Inspectors) by the National Recreation and Park Association, who are trained to look for conditions which are non-compliant with standards. Our two on-site contractor/installers will be directly involved in building, as well as directing our volunteers.  In addition, we plan to have a third-party CPSI certify our playground at the end to ensure it is safe for our children.

I'm disappointed that we didn't get a swing.

Yes, the Board also wishes we could've incorporated a swing set at this time as well. Per ASTM  F1487 Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use, a swing set bay for public use requires a use area/zone larger than can be accommodated in our existing playground boundary (our original playground did not have swings either).   This means the only suitable area for a swing set would be the grassy area adjacent to the pool. Given that this would change the existing use of that grassy area, the Board felt this would require a larger discussion and approval of the community. With the playground equipment sale ending December 2, we felt it best to move forward with the playground order and install this fall. We are very hopeful the community will support the installation of a swing set bay (perhaps two: one for children/adults and one for toddlers) next year.

What  is the focused age group is this new playground equipment?

The age group is ages 5-12. Younger aged children can use the lower levels of equipment as well, but full-time adult supervision is strongly advised to prevent injury.